M. Ching’s traveling companions arrive without her, or Persephone finds her own

the last of the group arrives at table
(having lost their leader)
and one found as a snake (others watch her warily–she reeks of animal herself)
but she, she is at ease now
a place sacred to her kind
she takes no food
but wanders the trees to touch the bark and feel the thrumming therein
messages of satiation satisfaction

she stops and low in her throat replies a message
all is silent at the one both a serpent and an intruder

yet the question was correct
and the thrumming begins again
she sits against the tree this maiden of the caves
allowing the scales to form and reform at will
and watches the snakes appear one by one to coil at her feet
around her arms and neck taking in her warmth

a snake maiden the slide of scales senuous
against the ever changing skin to scale
and she rises for her performance
grateful to the Gorgon for this chance
to be with her own

a feast for the eyes the snakes move her body
offering glimpses of skin and scale with thrumming
that enters as a trance in the minds of the watchers
blissful they can close their eyes and watch through their eyelids
for all are snakes for now

and it ends as all the most beautiful must
the writhing stops the statue collapses
and all arise to applaud
but the girl has gone
a neat trick an unnerving trick
or not a trick at all

and the Gorgon is pleased


2 Responses to “M. Ching’s traveling companions arrive without her, or Persephone finds her own”

  1. fairyrainbow Says:

    How fascinating. I find your writing intoxicating. I know I don’t always leave comments, but still read and enjoy from my little bubble, drifting over the Lemurian waters…

  2. fairyrainbow Says:

    I offer you one rainbow scale, made of crystal, suspended on a snake chain, to carry with you on all your travels…

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