a memoir, 6 (or 7) word lines

Best friends eat toothpaste, stomachs pumped.
Move to Minnesota?  We vote no.
We move to Minnesota.  Everyone cries.
High school sucks, but over soon.
College is better, classes more interesting.
The abuser is dead.  Good riddance.
Father wants scientist.  Too bad—history.
Play with supercomputers.  Programmers are weird.
Husband is lawyer.  Doctors (family) disapprove.
Perfect house except wiring, plumbing, roof.
Baby boy.  BIG baby boy.  Toddler-sized.
Depression, a black hole, falling inside.
Baby girl.  Not as big.  Sweet.
Depression, a dragon tearing hole inside.
Mania, too wild, too much money.
Diagnosis and drugs.  Hate them all.

Move to Tennessee?  We vote yes.
We move to Tennessee.  Everyone cries.
Slowly new friends, slowly sadness leaves.
Drugs aren’t working, everything is uncontrollable.
Mistakes and more mistakes.  Goodbye, marriage.
New partner, new house, children happy.
Mistakes and more mistakes.  Goodbye, partner.
Pain never leaves, losing weight, sick.
Cancer?  No one in my family!
Inoperable.  Learning to live with it.
Leaving old life behind, grieving loss.
Living past it, son graduating soon.
Living past it, daughter in highschool.
Living past it, maybe new solution.


9 Responses to “a memoir, 6 (or 7) word lines”

  1. celticsea Says:

    It’s amazing how you can incapsulate a lifetime in so few words.

  2. stephanie Says:

    This is powerful, Sen. I’m glad you are on a roll. You’re really good at this.


  3. kvwordsmith Says:

    you pack such a punch in a few words! “Brevity is the soul of clarity!” (I think Wiunston Churchill said that, but I could be wrong…)

  4. Sally Says:

    Okay, you win! I bow to the master! I’ll keep trying though!
    Heart Hugs,

  5. woodnymph Says:

    Deep but simple. One’s history encapsulated. Great work.


  6. fairyrainbow Says:

    I too had perfect houses except for plumbing, wiring, roof…and a few other details! I know about houses of cards. I know about castles in the air. And I know about black holes. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. scribblenpaint Says:

    You cover so much with these six word lines. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Tabitha Says:

    YOu are truly amazing-so much in so little-I am very impressed-awed-thank you for sharing.

  9. thinx2much Says:

    this is so beautiful. but it hurts, too.

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