a map and stigmata

a map on the palm of my hand of faint aubergine on shades of tan and brown
a star map, my own, but vaguely reminiscent of Cassiopeia
gracefully stretched across the autumn sky

and the star, my northern star, to guide me home
if i hold my hand just right, the star points at my heart
a final destination or a beginning

if i believed in signs, which i do in the deepest of my heart,
i would believe this sign this i Cas that points at my heart
but i have no knowledge and no inclination
to know how to interpret my sign
perhaps a few more years

and then i will also know
why the aubergine stigmata is forming on the palm of my other hand


8 Responses to “a map and stigmata”

  1. Sally Says:

    Very deep and definitely deserves some contemplation!

  2. Barbara--porchsitter Says:

    Startling and mystical. Lovely.

  3. fairyrainbow Says:

    Your own star map. How wonderful! Yes, begin in the heart, and move from there…whether you go deeper into your self, or out into the world, the heart is the anchor, the beacon. I will re-read this again and again. It is so beautiful. Thank you.

  4. celticsea Says:

    Your last line is chilling.

  5. kvwordsmith Says:

    This voice/character was fascinating & I would like to spend more time with her. Is there more?

  6. woodnymph Says:

    So thoughtful.

  7. Tabitha Says:


  8. thinx2much Says:

    this is the sort of beauty encountered deep in the forest, unexpectedly. no matter where you’d intended to go, you are compelled to stop. and study. and wonder.

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