a (love) story

if i met you in a different life
the one slightly wild but free (all are slaves in some way)
if your life wasn’t a foregone conclusion
and you weren’t sure of what the future would bring
we would have glanced across (a room? a meadow? a market? a school? a battle?)
a dangerous space
moving to each other in a predestined dance (if one believes in predestination)
knowing this might or might not be (as all love is)

if your every move wasn’t pre-thought
and your love wasn’t already sealed away
we might live a thoughtless life of comfort (and monotony?)
and familiarity no hint of change (change is good)
until the explosion hit (an explosion that tears a soul)

if you knew what your words do
if you knew what your words are
we would meet in a different life
as equals (nearly so for the time)
a short life but passionate and insane (insanity in a short life is necessary)
we would have smiled through the blood
and dirt and rode to death fearless (for one moment we might hesitate)

if i met you in a different life
if there was time (love is equal)
if there was love (tenderness is rarely found)
if there was tenderness (time is fleeting)
our first glimpses would be through veils (designed to reveal not to hide)
our first love awkward & hesitant (we were not acquainted)
but a lifetime to learn (or perhaps not)
if i met you again
i would know what to do (if i remember my promise)
i would stop and say (if i have the courage)
you and i
we belong together this time through (as possible as i would walk away regretfully)

if i met you again
i would have more (more of everything)
you would notice in time (if you noticed at all) and
you would save my life (if it were in your hands to save)


10 Responses to “a (love) story”

  1. kvwordsmith Says:

    Wow! If this poem were fruit, it would be a juicy ripe peach – I wnt to eat it slowly and savor it, even the sadness is sticky but precious – has an e e cummings tone & rhythm – which I have always enjoyed

  2. Sally Says:

    Lovely and timeless…

  3. celticsea Says:

    This poem seems so sad and so complex. 😦

  4. david Says:

    there is so much here. it is lovely, it is wild, it is wise and it is sad. it is also brilliantly beautiful.

  5. fairyrainbow Says:

    If I ever met you, once (hand in the river of time)
    I would touch your cheek (water dripping from my fingers like seconds)
    And gently whisper in your ear (the shell of your ear still remembers the ocean’s breath)
    Secrets (But you already knew…)

  6. traveller Says:

    you really do have a way with words

  7. woodnymph Says:

    Oh my, this is so sad, so deep, so well thought out. It is absolutely beautiful, so much so that it elicits tears. It is the essence of what makes language art. Thank you for sharing it.


  8. scribblenpaint Says:

    Very moving.

  9. Tabitha Says:

    I have to say it again-you have an absolutely amazing way with words…
    this is expressive and wonderful–thank you ….

  10. Heather Blakey Says:

    Stunning! Lost for words Sen!

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