6-word love poems

Archaeologists discover love at first site.

Chefs discover love at first bite.

Boxers discover love at first fight.

Lumberjacks discover love at great heights.

Ballet dancers discover love in tights.

Programmer programs an IF->THEN love sonnet.

The boat is on autopilot.  Crew?

Turkeys strut and voila! Eggs appear.

Moving towards the middle, sweet kisses.

Roles becomes real, actors are smitten.

Mutual telescopes, love at first sight.

Shark’s teeth tucked away while courting.

Txting lovely msgs. U luv me?

Romeo, Juliet:  stalker and adolescent rebel.


10 Responses to “6-word love poems”

  1. kvwordsmith Says:

    these are great – certainly not your ordinary love poems! I like them very much.

  2. celticsea Says:

    Nicely done!

  3. david Says:

    they are really fun and really good. they make me smile. i hope they made u smile writing them!

  4. celticsea Says:

    Ah, I was working on the archaeologist reference. You beat me to the punch! Well done!

  5. pearlz Says:

    i am so glad you did these, well done!

  6. pearlz Says:

    why not post them at pythian games as well…

  7. fairyrainbow Says:

    Fairies discover love in the air.
    Accountants discover love is not fair.
    Artists discover love in colourful hue.
    Me? I just know I love you.

  8. kvwordsmith Says:

    6 words songs, make them rhyme?
    hope to, when I have time!

  9. Tabitha Says:

    these are just so very cool–
    I love them!

  10. thinx2much Says:

    these are really funny. i needed funny.

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