while back on the ship, they spotted…

Beautiful Blue Balloons


a blue bubble with tendrils

a blue bubble with tendrils

a blue bubble

a blue bubble

**these are portuguese man o’ war jelly fish–see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_Man_o’_War

my intrepid niece brought one for my brother to see and was stung slightly.  they researched them, and she went straight out and brought in another in a bucket for investigation.  an investigator in the vein of my mother who, as a child, kept a stable of female black widow spiders in glass jars in the basement, 25 or so, and hand fed them flies….until my grandfather found them.  She says she thought it was better that they be in the jars than say, under her parents’ bed or behind the sofa.


7 Responses to “while back on the ship, they spotted…”

  1. Alexis Says:

    what is it!??

  2. celticsea Says:

    Remind me never to go on that beach.

  3. Lu Lu Says:

    I think it’s a king blue jellyfish.

  4. Tabitha Says:

    oh how sweet to protect the family from spiders that way-and the jellies too now

  5. animar Says:

    When I was little I found this chunk of human hair washed up on the beach.
    It’s funny, but to this day I don’t poke around the beach much. I’ll bet you think that’s strange for me- I suppose it is

    Anita Marie

  6. Cle Says:

    Blue sting-y things in the sea. We have these cute little octopi who live in rock pools. When they get angry they come up in blue rings. Nasty, nasty things. Very dangerous.
    My sister in law had a Red-back spider in a jar that she was feeding. She became very large and SIL was worried about her toddler so I suggested she take the spider to the hospital. They like them for making anti-venom.

  7. fairyrainbow Says:

    Blue. All over in the ocean, it means danger. Yet, the blue whale is one of nature’s most magnificent creatures. Thank you for sharing this.

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