rain will fall
fires will end
houses will stand
people will come home

there will be money
homes will be saved
there will be food to eat
there will be clothes to wear
children will play

men & women will sleep in their beds
far from bombs and guns
men & women will sleep in their beds
knowing they do not need to be scared again
children will sleep the sleep of the innocent once more
and no noise will awaken them

animals will roam where they will
unafraid alive drinking from clear pools
eating from lush trees
looking up into clear skies

trees will stand
no sound of machines
no sound of chain saws
mountain tops will remain mountain tops

trees will stand
no smoke no fire
no chain saws
rain forests will drape their canopies across the world
and weep glad tears

polar bears will stand and look across an expanse of ice
and lumber forth knowing that the ice is forever
there will be no breaking off
there will be no dying not today
today is the day that polar bears will live

a boy will walk to a store
he will buy a bag of sugar
he will walk home
no one will take his money
no one will take his sugar
no one will murder him
no one will molest him
today no one will think that it is strange that
a boy walked to the store bought a bag of sugar
and walked home



5 Responses to “today”

  1. gwenguin1 Says:

    I love this! It is so lyrical with such imagery and so deceptive too.

  2. scribblenpaint Says:

    All this is possible in an ideal world.

  3. woodnymph Says:

    What a lovely, lovely poem. It is perhaps the dream of all of us.


  4. Heather Blakey Says:

    What a calming thought Sen. May it be so.

  5. david Says:

    that is the dimension i want to observe… can i think it into being?

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