Pon’s memories, part 2

“Have need of you?” Master Ching’s voice rose.  “You are useless to me.  I would have a better wife if I had married a pig.”

Tian Shih stood tall.  “I am of the house of Chen,” she said growing angry, as Pon and Ting Ting watched anxiously.  Ting Ting started to whisper to Pon, but Tian glared at her to silence her paying no attention to the swish of a tail behind her.  “I am of the house of Chen,” she repeated, but this time, a soft growl emanated from low in her throat.  This time Ting Ting did whisper to Pon and Pon cleared his throat in order to gain the attention of his mistress, but she was too far gone.

Master Ching had had his back to her to indicate his feelings towards his wife, but at the sound of the growl, he whipped around, his face showing alarm.  As Pon moved to stop the fox, which he knew he could never do, Master Chang gasped and fumbled for his dagger but he was too slow, perhaps the opium perhaps just the fox’s quickness.  And then he was on the floor screaming, gurgling, silent as the fox looked up with her dark jade eyes.

Pon ran for the nearest window and threw open the shutters and the fox bounded through, stopping only to throw a quick, intelligent look at Pon over her shoulder, her muzzle red with blood.  Pon shuddered and closed the shutters.  He turned to see Ting Ting gathering Tian Shih’s clothing swiftly into a tight bundle and securing it beneath her skirt.  Master Chang’s guards were banging on the door and arguing about gaining entrance.

‘Swiftly,’ he urged Ting Ting, and they exited the hall through the hidden servant’s door at the back hidden behind a book case, leaving the body of Master Chang to his guards and the mystery it would become.

Much later under darkness, a two-tailed fox with jade eyes and a snow-cleaned muzzle crept with ghost feet into Tian Shih’s rooms and Tian Shih put on her sleeping robe and slept dreamlessly.  And in the morning all were horrified by the senseless death of her husband.  She immediately arranged for mourning clothes and the proper mourning prayers for a beloved husband.  Her father watched her carefully but she betrayed no sign of any emotion except that which was appropriate to the occasion.



6 Responses to “Pon’s memories, part 2”

  1. celticsea Says:

    I say he got what he deserved.

  2. Anita Marie Says:

    Sen I have missed hanging out here.
    This was wonderful.
    It left me feeling very full as it were

  3. pearlz Says:

    i find your descriptions of clothes and their movement mesmerising, here and elsewhere in your blog… and that fox…

  4. Mike Says:

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  5. gemma Says:

    Pearlz said it, “Mezmerizing”!

    I don’t know if your Asian. There are subtleties that are precisely Asian. Something subtle about the style of your writing, the elegance and exactness of the dialogue and the movements. Like it!

  6. david Says:

    i find it intriguing the animal Tian Shih becomes is a fox…

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